Women without vaginas

Two examples of men/women/hermaphrodite/unichs applying for college. I find the urge to define ones own reality to include biology fascinating. It speaks to an inner desire to matter, but not knowing how to stand out other than thru manufactured outrage. We have folks deciding what gender they are, species (cat people) they are, and what family they are (poly, unisex) all demanding that no one notice them except to praise them. They desire attention, but no criticism.

The desire to declare all things normal flies in the face of reality. If all things are normal then there can be no normal. Normal by definition means most but not all. If there is no normal then there is no therapy available to correct inappropriate actions. No need, since all action is appropriate by definition. This is an interesting time, Maximum Self Focus (MSF) on my needs and desires rather than others leads to crazy outcomes with unhappy people.

So I am going to label this cult the MSF people. Yes, I have labeled them. Let my re-education begin!


Women without vaginas

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